I've been interviewed a few times about people dealing with expectations in the digital ecosystem, as services grow from collecting "people in the know" to "people you wish you didn't know".

Related, due to my personal experiences and hatred for expectations, I developed my own communication protocols.

Interesting areas to explore: - How Twitter inadvertently developed a way to privately balance adding friends but controlling interactions on the back end (device updates on or off). And how, in one way, this solves an issue, but in the other, it avoids forcing people to create their own communication protocols - to stop blaming the services and start putting their foot down on how they prefer to interact. - Tangent: other forms of hidden actions: tagging on Flickr

"What assumptions about “good” and “bad” socializing are built into social media?" - Alice Tiara on FourSquare

Everyone is passive aggressive (ping pong twitter, believing online interactions over real life friendships) Everyone is a detective (troll recording work times)

changed April 28, 2009