Open Collaboration Between Scientists, Communities and the Unknown

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recommendations discussed from session at SciFoo + SciBarCamp on July 9 + 12, 2009 (see after recommendations for outline of talks):

Ways to tackle:

  • Demonstrate norms

  • Wikis

  • "Game" platforms

  • Promote outlying ideas to generate fresh content/momentum

  • Project-centric focus.

  • Data portability

  • Offline "hackdays" when possible

  • Pre-populate

  • Open "data" to tap into the "unknown"

Outline of talk given on July 12, 2009:

-Ask who has been involved in facilitating a community already (managing, development, brainstorming, etc.)
-Discuss and list skepticisms around open collaboration from everyone
-Open Collaboration points: (see recommendations above)
-Discuss/show example collaborative communities:

more notes from the SciFoo + SciBarCamp sessions will be added soon!

changed July 12, 2009